November 5th – Pastor’s Place

Greetings in the name of Christ, on November 5th (All Saints Sunday,  we will remember the saints who have gone before us with the reading of names of those called home to glory.  If you have a name of a loved one who has died in the past year please notify the church office.

As we remember those we have lost we experience grief.  This is the sorrow and pain we feel as we think about those no longer in our lives.  A way to deal with this pain is to find our grief, find ourselves and find our new normal.

Find our Grief:  This means acknowledging our loss.  It is normal to experience grief when we lose someone we love.  Sometimes we repress or hide pain of grief, pretending that the loss does not bother us.  This is not healthy.  It is okay to feel that pain that comes with grief.  God has granted us the blessing of grief as a tool to cope with our loss.  We should use it.  Do not stay in our grief for long however.

Find Our Selves:  We find ourselves when we acknowledge our pain and summon the nerve to continue on.  In John 14, Jesus tells his disciples of his impending death.  He urges them to not let their hearts be troubled, but to believe.  Jesus is saying to not be paralyzed by this moment.  To not be stuck in our grief forever.  We find ourselves by putting our trust in God.

Find our New Normal: When a loved one passes away, we are left here to pick up the pieces.  This is our new normal.  Our lives will never be the same.  We may wish for things to get back to normal, but the reality is this is our new normal.  We must learn to live our lives in the reality of our loss.  I’m not convinced it gets easier with time.  In my experience with loss and grief it is a day by day exercise living in our new reality, our new normal.

Finding our way forward is possible through our faith.  As Christians we can rely on Christ, on Scripture and on the Church in this process of finding our grief.

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The Stages of Grief:

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Scripture on grief:

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The Stages of Grief:

Dealing with Grief:

  1. Find our Grief
  2. Find our Self
  3. Find our New Normal

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