A matter of Time

I often reflect on how things used to be. My mind flashes back to a “simpler” time. When I think about it however, where things simpler back then?

Frenzied thoughts:

My mind just races and races. Is there enough time, am I doing enough? Am I doing enough at work, at home, am I making a difference in the word? Am I making a difference in my own life?

At times it doesn’t feel like it

It is difficult to remain in the moment. We either ruminate on the past or instigate the future. Always in a rush. Never appreciating where we are right now.

How do we reign in our frenzied thoughts? Initially we want to quit thinking, but it is impossible to not think. Our minds are made up of thoughts. The goal is to focus our thoughts on the present moment.

The past

We spend so much of our time ruminating on the past. Rehashing in our mind over and over again a comment someone made. Berating ourselves for something we think we should have done. Regretting the mistakes we have made.

We can do nothing about those things. We can not change the past. We can make do our best to make amends, apologize and make changes going forward, but we cannot change the past.