Importance of body to God

  1. God has given immeasurable honor to the body by creating it in His image.  Isaiah 6:1 tells that Isaiah saw the Lord siting on a throne high and lifted up. Obviously recognizable.
  2. God has honored the human body by giving His Son a human body.
  3. God has honored the human body by purchasing it. Jesus’ human death on the cross gave eternal life to those who believe along with bearing all our sicknesses and all our sufferings. Want to put a price on our bodies? The price is the price of the silver of Jesus’ tears and the gold of His blood and His poured-out life on Calvary (I Peter 1:18-19)
  4. God has decided to make our bodies the temples of His Holy Spirit when we are Christians.
  5. God established a beautiful interrelationship between Himself and our bodies. The body is not for sin but for the Lord. (I Corinthians 6:13) When we give our bodies totally to Him, He gives Himself to the needs of the body.
  6. God has honored the body by promising to raise it to life eternal. For those who have faith in Jesus, that means eternal life in Heaven. Paul urges us in Romans 12:1  to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is our true and proper worship.
  7. (Richard Sipley “Understanding Divine Healing, 1990)

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