Why I Workout

I’m sometimes asked why I workout everyday. The answer is simple: HEALTH. Continue reading to lean more.

I’m sometimes asked why I workout everyday.  The answer is simple: HEALTH.  Continue reading to lean more.

In December 2013 I sat in the doctors office seeking medication to stop my nausea. In her wisdom she refused to give me medicine, instead instructing me to take 10 minutes per day for myself. I offered excuses why I could not take time for myself.

“I’m too busy!”

“We have a new baby”

“I’m a Pastor, and it’s Advent”

She insisted I take time for myself each and come back in a few weeks to report on my progress.

Sitting quiet 10 minutes a day was not working so I incorporated yoga before bed. I began sleeping better, the nausea went away and my wife commented positively on my physical appearance.

These spurred a desire to seek all I could learn about fitness and health. I read everything I could get my hands on (ok, everything I could Google) about health and nutrition from the greats including Jack Lalanne, Bruce Lee and anything else I could find. I eventually became interested in weight lifting and nutrition.

Since September 1 2014, I’ve exercised every day for at least 30 minutes. Some suggest I workout too much, however I’ve not had nausea in over 2 years and I’m stronger than ever. At 36 I’m in better shape than while playing sports in high school. Furthermore, I’m now in tune with me body, knowing the type of care and exercise I need each day.

I no longer cringe when people touch me.  I can accept hugs because my body has the strength to endure touch.  I can keep up with my 3 year old son, though that is a workout all its own.

Working out provides me better mental, emotional and physical health.  It also gives better spiritual health as I no longer complain to God how much my body hurts pleading with God to make me feel better.

One final thought on why I workout everyday.  FEAR!  My greatest fear is regressing back to a weak body.  If I take a day off, I may never start again, and that just will not do.

Incorporate a workout routine in your own life and see the amazing results.

David Hull-Frye

Author: David Hull-Frye

I am husband to Elizabeth and father to Elijah and Ada. This blog focuses on faith and fitness. As a Christian it is important for me to love God with my heart, soul, mind and strength. This means taking care of my body in all its aspects. This blog posts a variety of items including sermon notes, my daily workouts, images, thoughts on current events and more. I hope you enjoy and are inspired.

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