Time Chasers

Stop chasing time.

Take Control of your Day.

Ever wonder where the day went?   Do you lay down at night and fell as though you got nothing accomplished?  Do you feel like you are chasing time, only to realize time has caught up with y.

Some days are just chaotic; we never seem to get done what we intend.  Continue reading below to learn how to take control of your day and stop chasing time.

Take control of your day

1. Prioritize.  Each day (or the night before) decide on one task you want to accomplish at home and at work.  Focus your energy until that one thing is accomplished.  After it is complete, move on to the next most important task.

2. Manage distractions.  We can never limit all our distractions.  Co-workers want to talk.  Children want to play if we work from home.  Facebook is waiting to be checked.  Our favorite show is coming on soon.  All of these distractions keep us from completing what is important.  Manage distractions by taking control.  Limit the times we check Facebook.  Turn off the TV and get to work.  Talk with your co-worker for 10 minutes then excuse yourself to return to work.  As for children wanting to play.  Sometimes we just need to engage them.  In other words, we need to wear them out for a nap, during which time we can focus on our work.

3. Control your Time.  We often feel like we have accomplished nothing because we have no idea how we use our time.  Track your time for a week.  How often do you watch TV, check Facebook, search the web.  These things use up our time  and keep us from other responsibilities.  They are not bad things to do, but without limiting their use we quickly spend several hours engaging in meaningless activities.

Accomplish those things you want to accomplish by Prioritizing, Managing Distractions and Controlling your Time.

Stop chasing time and take control of the day

What time management tips can you offer?

Author: David Hull-Frye

I am husband to Elizabeth and father to Elijah and Ada. This blog focuses on faith and fitness. As a Christian it is important for me to love God with my heart, soul, mind and strength. This means taking care of my body in all its aspects. This blog posts a variety of items including sermon notes, my daily workouts, images, thoughts on current events and more. I hope you enjoy and are inspired.

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